Cost Sharing

Cost sharing enables the Trust to provide the best possible health care benefits in a manner that ensures that the Trust remains operational for the longest time possible.  Cost sharing provisions are determined by the Committee and communicated to participants in the annual open enrollment materials. These materials can be found in the Communications tab.

As a result, Trust participants are responsible for paying certain costs for health care coverage, including monthly premium contributions and certain health care expenses in accordance with provisions in the Health Care Plan.

Monthly Premium Contributions

Trust participants must make monthly premium contributions at rates that are determined annually by the Committee.  The rates are based on three criteria: (a) date of retirement; (b) Medicare status; and (c) family status.  For information about the current plan year rates click here, click here.

The Trust does not accept checks or money orders for monthly premium payments.  Participants must either authorize a pension deduction or an automatic payment deduction directly from their checking or savings accounts. The form to authorize this payment can be found under Participant Resources

Please contact the Trust Administration Office if you have any questions regarding payment of your monthly premium contribution.

Health Care Expense Cost Sharing

The healthcare benefits provided through the Trust require that participants pay for a small portion of incurred health care expenses.  Cost sharing may come from co-insurance, annual deductibles or co-payments, but are subject to annual out-of-pocket maximums.

Trust participants will be notified annually if changes are going to be made to the Healthcare Plan or monthly premium rates.

Please see the Trust Benefits section for more information on the health care expense cost sharing provisions for the benefit plan in which you are enrolled.